Friday, May 2, 2014

Hey Everyone!
So funny how time flies, right? It's been almost 7 months since last post. A lot has happened, too much to post and I'll try to stick to crafting/sewing stuff. {that probably won't go well} I've gone back to work and while off, I didn't do much sewing. I did a lot of handwork though. It was easier than trying to get two new knees behind the machine and remembering to get up and move often enough so I wouldn't get stuck.
Below, embroidery on a hankie....
 Below are scissor charms. I saw this idea in a book and when I remember which one, I will give credit. I'm always loosing my small scissors. This little "charm" totally keeps it in sight! Just love this idea.  It can also be a temporary pin cushion.
Crochet Bows... for hair or whatever!!
 Working on the Target Brand Cardigan.  See how plain it was? Now it has sweet pearls on it. All hand sewn by me! I think it's a great improvement, Don't you?
Make Up Roll... Inside...  Love this fabric!
And below is it all rolled up.
Mini Bunting

More Embroidery. Haven't found a home for it yet.
I made this little pouch for a friend...
We also have been involved in fostering Italian Greyhounds. Our first boy, Dante was a love! Even though he tried to "mark" everything as his own {I quickly made a belly band to save the inside of the house} our girls loved him! He was adopted by a wonderful "Mom" and has come back to visit us!
Dante, Abby, Mia

Our next foster, Piper was a sweet little girl. She looked like our Abby. It was funny having an almost "twin" in the house.
The Twins. Piper {L} Abby {R}
Unfortunately, this sweet baby girl left us too soon. I can just now talk about her without choking up.  Long story short, she passed 5 weeks ago from Inflammatory meningitis and seizures. Totally unexpected, I think that's why it has affected us so deeply. {And we are incredibly in love with these dogs}. She was by my side for most of my healing. She'll be missed forever.

On a happy note, my sweet baby nephew has turned nine months already! He is a doll, of course.  I'm still waiting on grandbabies. I'm pretty sure once my son receives his Masters degree in a couple weeks {YaY} things will calm down a bit and maybe, just maybe they'll make me a grandma!!!!  Until then, I'm the crazy dog lady and crazy auntie!
Sweet Baby B. at nine months

Here is my younger niece.  I had a day with her and taught her how to sew. I was in heaven and I think she was too.  She wanted to make a skirt.  She picked the fabric from my ever expanding stash, we measured and cut. I showed her how to use the serger - which she thought was very cool.  She made a simple elastic waist, to the knee type of skirt.  It turned out so well.  I am proud!!

Here she is showing it off.....

A job well done!

Looks like I'm on a roll now and trying to catch up with the last seven months.  Maybe I should be more consistent instead! I will try.  I guess I've done more than I give myself credit for and I'll save that for another post. 
Hope your crafting is going well.

Until Next Time,

Monday, October 7, 2013

Taking Some Time Off...

Hey Everyone! I hope you're all well. Just a quick note to say I'll be out a few weeks. I know, I know, sometimes I go MONTHS without a post! But it's because of all the busy stuff going on. This time I'm having BOTH knees replaced. You can just call me Zippy. Or bionic woman. Or crazy because that's how I feel less than 48 hours out.. I tell myself that it'll be good in the long run. I'll probably start up sooner and post so much that you'll beg me to stop. I can't wait until I can get both legs back under my machines. I have so many ideas for the shop!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Endless Summer or End of Summer....

Hey Everyone,
So here it is, the end of summer already. Our So Cal weather is not winding down at all. We've had enough triple digits to last a lifetime. I'm sure soon enough, I'll be complaining about the "freezing" temps. For me, that's anything less than 40 degrees. The last two months has brought our family a new baby boy. He arrived on 8.1.13. He's a chunky monkey. Born at 9# 14oz. {no one has matched my 3rd born who came into the world at 10# 2oz}. He's two months now and such a joy. I've been the lucky auntie to give all his vaccines so far :-( Hopefully he won't remember that part! On another note, I'll be taking a planned break while I go under the knife yet one more time... hopefully my last!!! I have horrible arthritis and I'll be getting a double knee replacement next week. Wednesday the 9th. Maybe during recovery I'll be able to post more crafty things-- In between trying to walk again. Ugh. I'm excited to be done with this but not looking forward to the week following the procedure. I mean, who wakes up and both knees are out of commission? Rumor has it, they'll be getting me up to walk by the next day. I'm pretty sure I'll protest that request. Let me hit the pain pump and come back later!! I have lots of pics to post of things I managed to make over the summer but that will have to be later. Tomorrow is my last day of work till 2014. Hubby leaves for NY Thurs to visit our son for a long weekend and while he's gone I get to fix up the house the way I want it. And maybe a party or two ?? Ha.

Baby B Birthday. 8.1.13

Here he is at 6 weeks old
Until Next Time!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4th and Summer Time!

Hey Everyone! Happy July 4th to all U.S.!!
Mia and Abby. Our Sweet Italian Greyhounds.
Don't you just love this photo? These two girlies are the best! Mia {brown} just turned 4 yrs. last Friday.  Abby {grey} will be 5 in August.  Now that we are empty nesters, Abby and Mia are the "children".  And when the grandbabies arrive, we'll have the full house again!

I've all but fallen off the earth over here. My little shop and blog seems to be on holiday for a bit.  Un-planned, of course! Time goes by so fast.  I can say unofficially, that soon I will have a large block of time and will be able to dedicate more to the shop. Maybe towards end of summer.

In one of my past posts, I mentioned that my brother and his wife are due this summer. They found out they will be having a boy {Branden} and for now most of my sewing will be for that little guy.  I've been getting into embroidery lately. I love how it's easy to transport and it's always handy when you have some time to fill while waiting. Of course, I have several projects going at once... but always a small one that's easy to throw in my purse to take with me.  I've also become an eBay fanatic. In both selling and buying.... mostly buying, I cannot lie.  But I have discovered some pretty awesome embroidery books! {same with Amazon}. The ideas are flowing here and I can't decide what to do first. That's why several projects at once.

Abby on left and Mia on right

 Above is something I had on instagram. A work in progress for sure. I love the flour sack cloth, it's perfect for embroidering.

Until Next Time,

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Man's Best Friend

Hey Everyone, I hope you're all doing well. Our past few weeks hasn't been the best, we had to let our old lab {Tobie} go last Friday. It was such a horrible decision to make... I kept asking him to go in his sleep so we didn't have to wonder if we were making the right decision. Of course being the stubborn old guy he is, he didn't listen to me. Tobie was getting up there in age - 14 years, he had many tumors all over, he had arthritis, he was overweight {should've been around 60 lbs but topped at 93.7 last Friday}. When we remodeled the house, we went to ceramic tile in the main areas. That was good for him on hot days- he loved to lay on the cool tile but while walking around, he lost his footing a lot and combined with arthritis, he'd go flat more often than not. He was a good sport but we worried he might break a leg or get stuck when we weren't home. We also have two Italian Greyhounds {I'm sure I've spoke about them one or fifty times in the past}. Mia, our most recent rescue, LOVED Tobie. She would hug his neck and clean his teeth. I know, it's gross, I get dry heaves just typing it. She is having a hard time adjusting. More than once she'll just sit in the middle of the room and cry. Our first Italian Greyhound Abby, doesn't seem to be phased by his passing.
This is a picture I took on Friday. I loved it when he would lay like this.

And here's one from his younger years...

Watching Spork ..... wishing....
That's all for now. Happy Memorial Weekend!!
Until Next Time,


Friday, April 5, 2013

Hey Everyone!
I know it's been a long while since last post.... I've either had SO much to say that I didn't say anything or I've been so busy and wasn't able to find an extra minute. Or to be honest, I'm so hooked on Instagram! I find myself spending way too much time there, that goes for Pintrest too. Have you checked them out?
How was everyone's Valentine's Day, St. Paddy's Day and Easter Sunday? They all seemed so close together this year and the decorations were hardly on display for very long.  Now there is nothing until July 4th. {Can you tell I like to decorate my house? Any little excuse will do!}
Shop News: With the help of hubby, I'll be slowly adding pet items to the shop. He has some great ideas and I know how to work the sewing machine. Now we have something to do while waiting patiently for future grand babies. {No pressure newlyweds}. In the midst of venturing back into my sewing room, I've decided I need to get a handle on my fabric stash... it has grown way out of control.  Which brings me to one of my favorite blogs/newsletters:   EVERYTHING ETSY.   I happen to stumble across a couple of posts with ideas on organizing your craft room. Specifically Fabric. So timely!  CHECK IT OUT HERE.  I have to say, EVERYTHING ETSY  is jam packed with so many great ideas, tutorials, hints & tips to name a few.  Talk about spending a lot of time on a website!!
What do you do to keep your fabric or craft room under control? I'd love to hear your ideas.

 Until Next Time,

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